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Below are some of the most asked questions we get. If you still have a question to ask, please contact us.

How far back must I order?

As far back as you can. Availability and the ability to deliver when you need it are dictated by a first ordered/first served policy. For delivery orders we need a minimum of two day's notice (a week would be much, much better), at least one day's notice for pickup orders, and if a large number of linens are required they must be ordered on Monday for us to get them by Wednesday, so 2-8 days in advance depending on when you need them (for example, a Tuesday event would require ordering on the Monday before).

How much is delivery?

Delivery is based on equipment volume, driving distance and degree of difficulty. Stairs, long distances between where our drivers can park and where you want the equipment. To get an exact tally call us at (512) 444-1110.

What if I don't want to pay for delivery?

You can pick up and return orders at our convenient East Austin location, 10 minutes from downtown.

Is there a minimum order?

$20 is our guideline but if you're really accommodating about it we might flex a little. There is no minimum equipment order if you are willing to pay for delivery.

Is there a maximum order?

MAYBE! But usually we can make up the difference if you exceed our capacity to provide.

How should I return equipment, or have it picked up?

A good rule of thumb is leave it the same way you found it, but if that's too vague, chairs folded and stacked seats up either 50 or 25 high (depending on how they were delivered, of course), tables with legs folded and stacked, and all of it in one central easy-to-get-at location. If the delivery driver shows up and the equipment is not stacked and put in a central location you will get an additional billing for this. Bottom line, Stack the chairs and tables back the way they were delivered.

Is there anything I need to do to protect the equipment while I'm using it?

This should be obvious, but keeping it out of the rain would be a fantastic start. Not putting any stickers or graffiti on the equipment would help us a lot too. Remember, you don't own this equipment, you are renting it.

Do you require a deposit to hold an order, and do you charge a damage waiver?

No. Frankly we think deposits and damage waivers are too degrading. We want to trust you and we also want your return business.

That sounds pretty mild. Is there really any penalty for stiffing Musical Chairs? I mean, you don't have my deposit, so what can you really do about it?

That's an excellent point. Well, if you won't be shamed by the moral weight of your actions, we must do it for you. Stiff Musical Chairs and we will post your name and info on our Hall of Shame. Then we will file charges of "Rental Theft" which can be a court action process. So, pay what you owe and life will be good.

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